Friday, December 5, 2008

The New Huntard is... Death Knight?

I was leveling my Death Knight in Hellfire earlier today and I realized something. DKs are really complicated to play. DKs have not one, but two resource systems to manage (Runes and Runic Power), as well as keeping diseases up, managing death rune generation, and knowing which of their tricks cost RP versus Runes, and how this will lock you out of certain dps abilities.

The only reason I had a semi-decent grasp on what I was doing as a DK was because I read a great elitist jerks forum post on DK dps. Most people don't read the EJ forums, however. So, what does this mean?

Think back to BC. I know it was a long time ago, but bare with me for a minute. In BC, Hunters were very easy to solo with, but very difficult to master. This was due to the necessity of weaving steady shot into auto shots, as well as the difficulty of trapping compared to other, simpler CC. This led to a lot of bad Hunters, which stigmatized the entire class. Hence the monkier: huntard.

The DK is also very easy to solo with, especially right out of the gate in Hellfire with those nice DK starting zone blues and the Outland leveling nerf. DKs, however, are very complicated and hard to master. This will lead to a lot of bad DKs, just like Hunters during BC. We can assume then that DKs, as a class, will gain a stigma, due to the number of bad DKs compared to good DKs.

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