Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So You Want to be a Tankadin: Shields

Gear is listed in descending order ranked by item level. In theory, the “best” items are at the bottom of this list. However, these items are also the hardest to obtain.

1. Bulwark of the Warchief or Shield of the Lion-hearted
Obtained – Revered with Warsong Offensive or Alliance Vanguard
Just like the first weapon listed on the previous post, this makes a great starting shield if nothing else is immediately available.

2. Riot Shield
Obtained – The Violet Hold

3. Saronite Bulwark
Obtained – Crafted by Blacksmiths
A great option for those of you with more gold than dungeon running time.

4. Leeka's Shield
Obtained – CoT:Strat

5. Bulwark of the Noble Protector
Obtained – Heroic Nexus

6. Crygil's Discarded Plate Panel
Obtained – 35 Emblem of Heroism (10 man Naxx and Heroics)

7. Royal Crest of Lordaeron
Obtained – Heroic CoT:Strat
On a personal note, this shield is beautiful. I highly suggest clicking the link and checking out the 3d model viewer or a screenshot.

8. The Skull of Ruin
Obtained – 10 man Naxx (Grobbulus)

9. Titansteel Shield Wall
Obtained – Crafted by Blacksmiths
Would you like some shield with your defense rating? Really, this shield has the most defense rating of any shield in the game (64 rating, worth 13 def!), so if you need some help hitting the defense cap and have enough gold laying around, it may be a worthy investment.

10. Barricade of Eternity
Obtained – 10 man Malygos

11. Hero's Surrender
Obtained – 25 man Patchwerk

12. Wall of Terror
Obtained – 25 man Kel’Thuzad
OK, so when they name this thing the “Wall” of Terror, they should have called it the “Great wall of China” of Terror. This thing is so big on a Tauren or space goat that you can see it from Outland!

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