Monday, October 13, 2008

The Worst Item of BC

OK, so I lied. I'm doing a post now instead of studying for my midterms on Wednesday.

I was playing around with Wowhead filters and stumbled across an item I have seen a number of times during my WoW playing career. Ever time I see this item I have to stop and shake my head at its utter lack of use. Even the Lightning Crown, which can serve only one spec, has more use than this item.

It is thus, with a heavy heart and great solemnity, I declare the Choker of Repentance the winner of the Epic Raspberry; the worst equipable item of The Burning Crusade. There is not one class/spec combination that could possible use this with any effectiveness. This item is so useless, in fact, that most level 70 random enchant greens surpass it in either solo play, PvE, or PvP.


Gowron said...

mmm, didn't Retridins needed spelldamage pre-2.3 ??

Nilum said...

Ret Paladins used to have some use for spell damage back in the day, but they always scaled far better with strength/attack power, thus making spell damage fairly useless.

Carter L. (Momo) said...

This is a pretty lame item, but blizzard was qouted on saying that one part of mastering your class/toon is too know which gear is an up and which gear isn't. (saw it on mmo-champion, I'll look for the actual link)

althura said...

Maybe, and I do say MAYBE, one of those feral/resto pvp druids might find this handy. It's a stretch though.