Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So You Want to Level a Paladin? Talents

In the last post we discussed what sorts of stats and armor the leveling Retribution Paladin should be looking for. Today we’ll be looking at what talents are the best for leveling as fast as possible. Keep in mind that this is a purely leveling spec and is not designed for PvP on the way up, nor for PvE. Also, feel free to tweak what talents on a tier are selected first. I have chosen this order because I believe it is the fastest way to level, but you may disagree.

Level 10-14: Benediction 5/5. Every spell in the Retribution arsenal is instant cast now, so these talents will help keep you going longer.

Level 15-17: Heart of the Crusader 3/3. Here comes the first of many increased crit chance talents in the Ret tree. Get ready to take them all eventually.

Level 18-19: Improved Judgements 2/2. Since your only non-auto-swing damage at the moment is from judgements, this will increase said dps by 20%.

Level 20: Seal of Command 1/1. Take it. Love it. Get a slow weapon if you haven’t yet.

Level 21-22: Pursuit of Justice 2/2. A 15% increase to both mounted and run speed is invaluable for leveling.

Level 23-27: Conviction 5/5

Level 28-29: Crusade 2/3

Level 30: Sanctified Retribution 1/1

Level 31-33: Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 3/3

Level 34: Crusade 3/3

Level 35-37: Vengeance 3/3

Level 38-39: Sanctified Seals 2/3

Level 40-42: Judgements of the Wise 3/3. Welcome to infinite mana town. Population: you.

Level 43: Repentance 1/1. Your only CC and very useful when you’ve got 3 mobs in front of you and you only feel like taking on 2 at a time.

Level 44: Sanctified Seals 3/3

Level 45-46: Sanctified Wrath 2/2. There are way too many Ret talents with the word sanctified in them.

Level 47-48: The Art of War 2/2. This talent isn’t that great at the moment for leveling, but Blizzard has mentioned that it will be changed into an on crit dot in the future.

Level 49: Improved Blessing of Might 1/2

Level 50: Crusader Strike 1/1. You now finally have a true instant attack. Have fun.

Level 51-53: Sheath of Light 3/3. Free spell power? Yes please.

Level 54-56: Swift Retribution 3/3

Level 57-59: Righteous Vengeance 3/5

Level 60: Divine Storm 1/1. Oooooooh. More instant attacks and free healing for you and your buddies. Have fun.

61-64: Divine Strength 5/5.

From here it’s really up to you how to fill out the tree. You have all the key talents and you’re ready to go. My only suggestion would be to get Fanaticism 5/5 if you are planning on doing dungeons on the way up, since you’ll need the threat reduction.

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Greg said...

Thanks! I'm logging into my rusty ret pally right now and using your suggestions.