Monday, September 8, 2008

Off Topic: Game Stop

Ok, so since the type of people who read WoW blogs probably play WoW, which is a video game, I'll make the crazy assumption that you've also played other video games. And since most video games that aren't flash based and available on your browser must be paid for with money, usually at a store, I'll assume that you've bought at least one game at a store, like Best Buy or Target. And because you know what video games are, then, unless you never leave the house, you've probably seen a Game Stop.

I'll put this simply. I used to shop at Game Stop. Emphasis on the USED TO. I stopped shopping at Game Stop when I studied in Japan for a semester and learned that I got better customer from employees who didn't speak a damn word of English (not their fault obviously, it was Japan). As an example, I was trying to get Taiko Drum Master for the DS while I was in Japan, since it's only out in Japan, I asked an employee in a store in Akihabara (which is something like geek heaven even if you hate anime and manga). Here's what my conversation went like.

Me: Sumimasen. Taiko no Tatsujin DSu wa doko desu ka? (Excuse me. Where is Taiko Drum Master for the DS?)
Japanese Employee: (Looks at me like I have three heads because I probably mispronounced it so badly that I told her that she looked like an elephant popsicle)
Me: Eh, Taiko? Drum... (Make a drumming motion)
Japanese Employee: Ohh, Taiko DSu. No more.
Me: Domo Arigato (Thank you very much).

Now when I go into Game Stop and try to ask where an obscure game, like... Grand Theft Auto 4, is, this is what happens. Keep in mind that I am now speaking English, a language I know, to someone who should probably also know English.

Me: Excuse me, where are your copies of GTA4. I don't see any on the shelves.
Game Stop Employee 1: (Chewing on the edge of a Wii controller) Dur, I like cheese.

Now while I don't want to insult all Game Stop employees, since I'm sure that somewhere, like maybe in some magical fairy land, there's one or two who can do basic addition and subtraction, Game Stop customer service sucks, their prices suck, and their policies suck. I beg everyone to not shop there, or at the very least, watch this informational video created by an ex Game Stop employee.

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