Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Next Hero Class?

I've been on a real Cthulhu kick recently for some reason, which got me thinking of the Lovecraft inspired Old Gods in WoW which got me thinking about the next hero class.

So anyway, my idea for a hero class is as follows. The next expansion has been announced and it's WoW: The Emerald Nightmare. Or something like that at least. It turns out that one of the Old Gods has been corrupting the Emerald Dream and it's up to you and 9/24 of your friends to go kick its ass.

So the new class would be something called the Siphoner (not 100% on the name). The Siphoner is someone who studies the Old Gods and their relationship with Azeroth, and has learned to steal a little bit of their energy and use it to cast spells (much like Warlocks steal their energy from the Nether). The Siphoner could be a dps/healing caster hybrid, much like priests. This would help promote the number of possible healers in the game much like Blizzard hopes Death Knights will promote the number of possible tanks.

I'd say that Siphoners should be cloth wearers, except this would bring the number of cloth wearing classes, currently the most numerous, to four, which could stretch drops a bit thin. Siphoners could instead wear leather and share stats with either Resto Druids or Boomkin. They would still be fairly squishing, with leather wearers being not much more durable than clothies.

What do you think?

For the Old Gods!

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Tyrission said...

*Does first comment dance* WooT!!
firsty, it would be called "Emerald Dream"
secondly i like the "Siphoner" idea, maybe change the name... other than that, yeah, we need more healer classes, and the ability to summon mayb a pet with aggro abilities would be good to keep mobs off the healer or summink like that