Monday, September 15, 2008

Lich King to do List

@ Momo

Things to do before Lich King comes out:
Kill Hex Lord and Zul'jin.
Finally get a replacement for my Crystal Pulse Shield (Best investment I ever made though. Got it in December for 40g and its still my shield.)

I guess that's kind of it. I've got my 2nd 70, my Shaman, all ready, even though he's completely borked for some unknown reason. My gold situation is good as well.

I guess I could buy my Shaman his epic flying mount with the gold I'm sitting on right now, but since he wouldn't be able to use it until 77, there's not much point.

What are your plans?

P.S. Gratz on the beta invite Honor!

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Samownall said...

Just saw you intro on Blog Azeroth! First of all welcome! Second maybe you would like to check out my wow blog and maybe even include it in your blogroll if you like it :) Good luck and have fun!