Friday, September 26, 2008

End of BC Healing Roundup: The Druid

Or: You Want HoTs? I’ve Got Your HoTs Right Here Buddy!

Oh Resto Druids. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
You have lots of HoTs. You have Tree of Life aura. OK, that’s really it I guess. But don’t let me sell you short. The raw number of HoTs that you can place on the tank is more than all the other class’s HoTs combined, including Gift of the Naaru. Which is good, because your HoTs are very useful in smoothing out the tank’s health between the bigger, direct heals of the Priests, Shamans, and Paladins.

Arsenal of healing/utility spells:
Healing Touch – Not castable in Tree of Life form
Nature’s Swiftness

Mobility: Most of your healing spells are instant cast. In fact, only one healing spell usable in Tree of Life form has a cast time, Regrowth. This lets you heal on the move very easily.
Buffs: Between Mark of the Wild, Innervate, and the powerful Tree of Life aura, Resto Druids bring some decent buffs to the table.
Longevity: Like Priests, you can use (abuse?) the FSR and heal for a very long time.
HoTs: You have a lot of HoTs, which are important in keeping the Tank’s health steady while direct heals are incoming.
Oh shit buttons: A Nature’s Swiftness Healing Touch or a Tranquility are a great way to get that tank back up to full when he really needs it or fill the raid up when they’re getting low.

Mobility: While you can easily heal and move at the same time, you don’t move very fast in Tree of Life form. Some fights may penalize you for that.
Direct healing: Healing Touch cannot be cast in Tree of Life form (for now), making Swiftmend, with its 15 second cooldown, your only easily usable direct heal.
AOE healing: Like Paladins, you lack a viable AOE heal. While Tranquility is great, it is on a ten minute cooldown.

What’s coming?
While the Beta is in a constant state of flux, there are a few trends that seem to be appearing regarding Resto Druids. Healing Touch will become castable in Tree of Life form, helping to alleviate the problems Druids have with direct healing. AOE healing may even be addressed by the new 51 point talent Wild Growth, though some Druids are not thrilled with the current strength of the spell.

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