Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mini Post: Shaman Offspec Extravaganza

Well, my jaunt into Kara went very well from a boss downing perspective. We quickly burned through Huntsman, Moroes, Opera (Romeo and Juliet), The Curator, Shade, Prince, Netherspite, and Nightbane, taking a total of 4:30, which was over our raid time, but people wanted to stay. We skipped Illhoof because we had no Warlock, and Maiden because we needed sleep (and we had no Holy Paladins).

From a loot perspective, however, my Elemental Shaman was a sad panda. I can't really complain (I will anyway) since I got three pieces of gear, but one was rogue leather for Enhancement, one was a mail healing belt, and the final piece was the Dragonheart Flameshield. While Shamans can use shields in conjunction with a main-hand weapon, most shields have very poor caster stats and a main-hand/off-hand combination or a staff is usually superior.

I did get 18 badges from Kara, however, so with some heroics I'm planning for tonight, I can replace my Totem of Lightning with a Skycall Totem. My next badge purchase will be Pauldrons of Tribal Fury, partially because they're really good, but also because they look awesome!

In other news, congratulations to my guild master, and host of Elune's Grace Podcast, Elly for winning the Figure Prints drawing. I can't wait to see a picture of your Priest in statue form.

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