Sunday, August 31, 2008

History of the World: Part One

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm a big fan of lore. One of my favorite parts of lore is the evolution of the races of Warcraft.

While searching the web for some information on the Krokul (Broken Draenei), I cam across this chart, which is an excellent depiction of the evolution of the races of both Azeroth and Draenor.

My only problem with the makeup of the chart concerns the Trolls. Above the Zandalar Trolls, who are the ancestors of all modern Troll subtypes (Forest, Jungle, Sand, etc.), there is a suggestion that Trolls may of evolved from either Night Elves or Humans. Blizzard has made clear that it was in fact the Troll who inhabeted ancient Azeroth well before both Humans and Night Elves roamed the lands.

I do have one other minor issue, but it is only that the Humans do not belong above the Night Elves as potential ancestors. The only theory with credibility is that the Night Elves were Trolls who were transformed by the Well of Eternity, though this remains unproven.

Edit: Also, they forgot the Dryads under the children of Cenarius.

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