Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do I Really have Three 70s?

I will take this time to announce the debut of my 3rd 70, Naelus, the Lightning Bolt throwing, Chain Lightning critting Elemental Shaman.

His epic ding took place last night, at around 7:30 PM EST. The final piece of XP came from killing an ogre in Blade's Edge Mountains while soloing some quests. His final /played came in at about 7 days and 11 hours.

My plan for this toon, since Lich King is going to come out by the end of the year (according to a statement made by Mike Morhaime) is to run Kara with him, since I'm really sick of Kara on Naelum, my Holy Paladin. I've never been dps in a raid before, so I'm looking forward to the change. Hopefully I'll get some loot, since most people in the raid will be decked out in all the Kara gear they can carry by now. What loot is not available from Kara, I will be attempting to get via a combination of Badges of Justice, Arena, and BGs.

Come Lich King, Naelum the Paladin will be my first toon I will level to 80, using a Ret build with plans of going either Ret or Prot for the end game. Naelus will be either my second or third character up to 80, depending on how much I like Death Knights. I will probably stay elemental for leveling, since spell pushback resistance talents are finally being added to the Elemental tree, and pushback will be limited to one second.

I'm not really interested in healing on either Naelum or Naelus come Lich King, but Resto Druids intrigue me. I've had some faltering steps down the path of Cenarius in the past, reaching 21 at my highest. I'll probably wait until I've gotten at least one character to 80 before I start slowly bringing a Druid up, though I could start a second account and take advantage of the Recruit a Friend promotion to get triple xp. The only problem is that this would require dual boxing, and my computer can barely handle the game as it is, with lag and FPS reaching critical levels in Shattrath.

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