Friday, July 25, 2008


Tom: And now we go to Dave in the field with some breaking news. Dave.

Dave: Thanks Tom. It seems that one household in Northern New Jersey is getting ready for a major excursion. Not to the icy wasteland of Northrend, but rather to the sunny beaches of Southern New Jersey.
I'm standing here with the oldest son, Naelum, who is a senior in college. Tell me Naelum, why did your family choose Cape May, NJ over Northrend as their vacation spot?

Naelum: Well, my grandparents have a house down in Cape May, so going there for a week is a good way to avoid the 5000g gold sink that Blizzard set up for lodging near Icecrown. Also, the beach offers a bit more warm weather than a planet's northern pole, so it was an easy choice.

Dave: And what about your blog. Do you plan on making any updates from the sandy beaches?

Naelum: Well, the house only has a 56k modem and an archaic computer, so my ability to post will be limited by that. In addition, I'm planning on reading Atlas Shrugged, which is about 1000 pages, so that will take most of my time. We're not leaving till Sunday though, so if I can get off my lazy bum long enough on Saturday, I may get a post out.

Dave: Thanks Naelum, and I hope that you and your family have a good time. Now over to the BlaccuWeather meteorologist Ollie Williams. Ollie?


Dave: Ollie, that has nothing to do with the weather.


I guess the whole point of this post is to let you know that I'll be gone from 7-27 till 8-1, so probably no posts due to limited internet. Have a great week.

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