Monday, July 7, 2008

So Now What?

So my Shaman leveling has apparently ground to a screeching halt. After getting him up to 60, specing Elemental and pewpewing my way through many a Ramps and BF run, then respecing back to Enhancement at 63 because I was sick of running around trying to kite mobs while soloing, I haven't touched him in about a week. Though my excuse is that I'm gathering rested xp, I know that I'm done with him for the moment.

I soon got this idea in my head that I'd level a Fury Warrior, and managed to get him up to level 22 or so before abandoning him. On a side note, Warriors need more emergency buttons for soloing. I died much more than my other characters due to adds or bad respawns.

So my latest alt is one I've had in cold storage for about six months at level 20 and was never sure I'd want to bring out again. He is my Warlock, Naelock (creative name). I'm hoping that, since the Warlock was my first love in WoW, it will inspire me to level him to 70.

There are a few problems standing in my way, however. First of all is the fact that I lose my leveling steam when I hit Outland for whatever reason. It happened on my Shaman and it will probably happen again to this toon. Second is related to my professions. I'm taking Tailoring and, gulp, Enchanting on this character. I had sworn to myself that I would never level Enchanting again on any character unless Blizzard changed Enchanting so that you could sell them on the AH, and yet here I am again, leveling the most painful profession in the game. If I wasn't so lazy I'd drop Enchanting and pick up a gathering profession like Herbalism, but I don't want to go back and pick flowers in the 1-10 zone.

My third problem stems from my study of the alpha talent trees and reading the WotLK talent threads on Elitist Jerks. The Warlock talents in the alpha kind of suck. There are way to many PvP talents, though all the classes seem to have their 51 point talents geared for PvP, which I find disheartening since I believe that WoW is and should be a PvE game primarily.

My final problem is that I've already spend a great deal of my chit on my Shaman, having guildies and friends running him in old world instances since it's damn near impossible to get a level appropriate group together. Since I was leveling at about the same speed and at the same level as two of my friends we could swap runs, but now I'm leveling on my own and have to beg for runs.

But enough of my whining about alts. I'll eventually settle on one and get it to 70 where I can start running it through Kara.

I'll hopefully put out a post later in the week about my first time as a raid leader and our success in ZA, and I also have a series swimming around in my head about the art and science of theorycrafting and game mechanics. Till then...

For the Horde and the Naaru!


HolyWarrior said...

I'm also currently levelling multiple toons. My enhancement Shammie hit 57 last week and my fury warrior hit 48!

My advice about getting instance groups is - don't bother. With the levelling changes in 2.4 I find it absolutely pointless to do them.

ZF is the exception because I've never had a problem getting a group for it and even with a a lelvel appropriate group it doesn't take long.

But that aside, forget the instances, grab all your levels quests and get down to them, the levels whizz by!

Nilum said...


I don't bother looking for level appropriate groups except within my guild, since sometimes there are enough people at about my level to make a 5 man worth wile.

As for skipping instances, I don't suggest skipping them if you can manage a run through. The XP you get from the dungeon quests is just obscene. At level 23 I got about a third of a level just from 10 minutes in Stockades and doing 3 of the 4 quests available. The loot is also invaluable.


Carter L. said...

One of the things I did when I was trying to decide on my next alt was start 3 or 4 classes that I would enjoy playing end game, and get them to level 30. The reason being is that I can let them gather rested XP while wating for the mounts at 30.

I ended up sticking with my shammy (waiting on a certain GM's rogue to hit 58 to level with me :-p) due tot he fact that I'm really eager to try healing.

I have a lock at 27 and a rogue at 30 and just started a mage. It's gotten to the point where 1-20 takes less than 3 hours / played, 4 if you take your time and 20-30 is a cake walk.

I must admit that I am very excited to do outlands but thats because I've only been through once and that was last fall.

Hope you find your alt of choice :)