Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Next Alt: Pros and Cons

So with my Paladin, the only character I play with regularity, at level 70 since December I've found that I have run out of things to do with him. I have, to my knowledge, completed every quest that I care to in Outland (and payed for my epic flying mount that way), become exalted with the SSO, raided Kara, Gruul's, Mag's, and ZA, and run almost every Heroic in the game at least once (some of them I've run many times, and I'm never healing Heroic MgT again as a Paladin). The few things left for me to do, PvP, grind faction, farm, do more dailies, don't appeal to me, and the only way I could move into the T5 and T6 25 mans would be to switch guilds, which I don't want to do.

So what's left for me. The same things that everyone does eventually, I feel. Roll an alt.

I've decided to created a pros and cons list for the eight classes that I do not have a 70 of on my server, to see what I want from my next toon and what I don't want. I'm ignoring the fact that I have a few of these classes at various levels already, since I don't want the fact that I would need less time to get them to 70, my goal, to influence my decision.

Pro: Druids are hybrids, so if I decide I don't like Feral, I can go Resto or Boomkin.
I'm interested in a dedicated tanking toon (I don't want to use my Paladin) and a Feral Druid would work well, as well as allow me to go kitty and pewpew if needed.
Con: I'm really not interested in healing as a tree, since I already have a healer and I think I'd go insane healing without direct heals.
For whatever reason, I don't like the Boomkin cast rotation.
I don't like looking at the big bear butt.
I don't like Night Elves.

Pro: I'd be a ranged dps class, which I have some experience with.
I like the idea of having a pet which I can bond with, and I've put some time in on Petopia thinking about what kind of pet I'd want.
I could be a space goat.
Con: Less bag space.
I don't really want to learn how to trap, or spend the effort dealing with weapon speeds and shot rotations.
The Draenei crossbow animation is really dumb/annoying looking.

Pro: Mad crazy dps.
Con: Mad crazy squishy.
My guild has about 3,942 mages.
I have a bit of loyalty to Warlocks, and if I was to roll a caster class, I'd want to be a Warlock.

Pro: It could be fun to be a well rounded healer.
Everyone always needs a mana battery.
Con: I've already got a healer.
I've tried leveling a priest before and I can't stand being so squishy and unable to kite.

Pro: Like the Mage, mad crazy dps.
I like the feeling of dual wielding rather than a 2h since I feel like I'm just tearing up the mobs.
Shadow Step is awesome. ::poof:: ::stab::
Con: Like the Mage, fairly squishy.
Shadow Step kind of sucks in reality.
Not a huge fan of staring at a boss's butt for seven minutes.

Pro: Like the Druid, the Shaman is a hybrid, and I could heal or do melee or caster dps.
As a Paladin, I'm really jealous of Chain Heal.
It's fun when windfury procs.
Shooting lighting bolts from my hands like William Shatner is cool.
I'd have to be a space goat.
Cons: I have a healer, so if I went Resto, I'd be a little overboard on healing.
As with Rogues, staring at a boss's butt is boring.
Totems can get annoying.

Pro: Warlocks are AWESOME!
I have a 70 Warlock already, so I know what I'm doing.
Con: I have a 70 Warlock already, so do I really need another?
I don't like some of the stuff I've seen from the Lich King alpha.

Pro: Warrior tanking appeals to me.
As plate wearers, they're not squishy.
Con: Stance dancing and using macros does not appeal to me.
I don't like the sound of berserker stance for some reason (taking more damage does not sound like a good plan).
The Arms dps rotation (Auto attack, slam, auto attack, slam ad nauseum) does not sound like fun.

Well, as the armory link on the right shows, I've been leveling a Shaman for a little while now (he's at 46). I decided that I wanted to have the ability to switch rolls on a whim, but to focus on Elemental caster dps once I hit Outland. Also, Chain Lighting is just too cool.

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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