Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jumping Into the Deep End of the Pool

I've been a bad blogger. After getting back from Japan and working through my jet lag, I went to visit friends at my college, and am only now getting around to blogging again (and there was some WoW involved too). It seems that I've gone from a long hiatus right into some heavy duty (for me) raiding.

Though my guild has been doing Kara for as long as I can remember, a sister guild is working on SSC, and they have been inviting some of the more hardcore players from my guild on Gruul's, Mag's, and some SSC runs when they need help filling raids. As a result I've been to two successful Gruul's runs with them since getting back, the first of which was my first time downing Gruul, and a successful Mag's run last night (my first time downing Mag). I actually got some nice loot out of the runs as well, coming away with my T4 pants from the first Gruul's run, which I slapped a Golden Spellthread on, and a random cloak no one wanted from Mag's. Though I wouldn't consider myself a loot whore, it is nice to see purple after two months of no WoW.

I'm looking forward to my guild's Kara run tonight, though, if we can't get enough people together for some reason, our sister guild offered to bring us to SSC if they need us. I've never been in SSC, let alone downed a boss, so I'm excited for that.

On a side note, Iron Man is awesome, and everyone should see it.

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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