Monday, April 7, 2008

Racial Abilities: Paladin

I apologize for the lag between posts. I've been fairly busy with work since my semester is coming to a close, and I probably should be writing a paper right now instead of writing this, but I decided to write a quick post on selecting a race based on its racial abilities.

While every race in WoW begins with different stats, by the time your character is in all greens the difference, in terms of stats, between two characters with the same class but different races will be mostly gone. The main difference between races, besides their lore and appearance, are their racial abilities. As a warning, I advise players who are just starting out to never choose a race simply based on its abilities, but rather based on how you enjoy looking at it. As an example, even if Gnomes were the best race for every class in the game, I'd never play as one since I can't stand the camera angle. You're going to be looking at these characters for a long time most likely, and playing as a race that is not the most, "ideal," will not ruin your experience or that of your raid's.

That being said, let's get on to how your race selection effects the Paladin class.

Paladin - Horde
You only have one option, the Blood Elf, so have fun with that Mana Tap.

Paladin - Alliance
Dwarf - While Dwarfs do have Stoneform, which can be a nifty ability in PvP or as a tank, their other racial abilities, Gun Specialization, Frost Resistance, and Find Treasure, are either underwhelming or useless for Paladins of any spec.
Verdict - Only choose a Dwarf if you plan on tanking or PvPing a lot.

Human - Human Paladins benefit the most from Sword and Mace Specialization, with Diplomacy coming in second by taking the edge off of reputation grinds. The Human Spirit is fairly useless for any Paladin, since we never stop casting, and Perception is only useful in very specific PvP situations.
Verdict - Human Paladins make good tanks with their increased expertise, as all Paladin tanking weapons I know of are maces or swords. Expertise also benefits Retribution Paladins, though there are enough good Axes out there that you won't always be getting the benefit of your racials.

Draenei - OK, so Shadow Resistance and Gemcutting are a bit meh, but it's the Draenei's other two racials that really make this race shine. Heroic Presence benefits not only only you, but your entire party, making Draenei Retribution Paladins beneficial to their groups. And, as the grand finale, Gift of the Naaru is a free heal every three minutes that scales 100% with +healing.
Verdict - I may be a tad biased since I play a Draenei, but Heroic Presence makes Draenei the best Retribution Paladins in my opinion due to it benefiting the Paladin's party, and Gift of the Naaru makes Draenei the best Holy Paladins since it gives the Paladin its only HoT spell, and it scales very well with gear.

Coming next week: Racial Abilities for the Warlock.

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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