Monday, April 14, 2008

In Soviet Russia, Party Help You! Holy Paladin Edition

Having previously written an article detailing those classes/specs that aid Warlocks by being in their party, I present you with the next installment in this series. In this article, I'll be covering those classes that aid Holy Paladins by being in their party.

Classes/Specs that Help Holy Paladins:

Balance Druids (Boomkin) - A Boomkin in your party gives you a simple yet powerful buff: 5% increase to you spell crit chance. For Holy Paladins with the Illumination talent, which all Holy Paladins should have, the value of a Boomkin is evident.

Shadow Priests - Like Warlocks, Paladins have a special relationship with Shadow Priests and their Mana and Health returning abilities. Because all Paladins have the passive ability Spiritual Attunement, we will gain Mana back from all the healing provided by a Shadow Priest, as long as it is not over-healing. By providing Holy Paladins with Mana, as well as keeping our Health topped off, Shadow Priests are a valuable addition to our party.

Shamans - Since all Shamans have, for the most part, the same totems, you can get the same benefit from being partied with any of the three specs, depending on what totems they've decided to use for any particular fight. Healing Stream, Mana Spring, and Wrath of Air are all benefits to your healing and longevity, and some to your survivability. Some totems, however, are dependent on the Shaman's spec, and it is these that Holy Paladins should value the most.

Elemental Shamans - The Totem of Wrath is your friend when you are partied with an Elemental Shaman. It gives a similar spell crit benefit that the Boomkin aura does, though the 3% spell hit is useless to a Holy Paladin, since heals can never miss.

Restoration Shamans - While a Restoration Shaman's Mana Tide Totem is very nice, returning 24% of your mana to you in only 12 seconds, it is on a five minute cooldown. Better than Mana Tide, however, is the Restoration Shaman's talent that improves the Mana Spring and Healing Stream totems, keeping us alive and healing.

How Holy Paladins Help their Party:

Unfortunately, Paladins have little that they offer exclusively to their party. While a Paladin's Devotion Aura can be nice for a tank, and the aura can be improved by a talent on the first tier of the Protection Tree, a Paladin's aura's do not make or break any class or spec.

I hope this helps all the Holy Paladins out there, as well as our offspec brethren who may have to heal for any reason (hint, make friends with a Restoration Shaman) and any raid leaders who may not know much about Paladin healing and how to improve it via party makeup.

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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Naissa said...

Very good info! Some of my favorite healers to group with are paladins, and I know a ret paladin thats really good too.

Nice blog btw, as someone else that has a warlock and paladin I found lots of good info here. :)