Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Ides of March

It's a little odd, but it seems that I missed my one year anniversary of playing WoW. According to my account page on the WoW official website, I first activated my 14 day trial account on March 15, 2007.

I actually started playing WoW to prove to myself how much I would dislike it. For whatever reason I had made myself believe that I would never like an MMO, and picked up a 14 day trial of WoW for about $3 in order to back up my baseless accusations.

I still remember the first character I ever created, a Tauren Warrior on whatever the recommended server was. I figured that being a giant cow monster and hitting things with a big sword was a good way to go (I still don't like the "pretty" races). I'm fairly certain, however, that I never got that first toon out of the 1-10 zone.

I learned later that day that a friend of mine at college played WoW, and had a Horde Warlock on another server. I promptly deleted my Warrior and created an Undead Priest on his server, though he was on hiatus at that time. Once again, before I could get out of the 1-10 zone, I talked to an old friend of mine from high school who was raiding Kara on his Tauren Hunter, so I promptly moved on over to his server and, for reasons I can't quite remember, rolled an Orc Warlock.

Days before the free trial was over I had reached 20 (the level cap for trial accounts) on my Warlock, gotten my Succubus, and ran to Target and back to get a real copy of the game. The rest, as they say, is history.

Do you still remember how you got started playing WoW? What was the first race and class that you picked and why? Do you still play as that race, class, or even faction? Please leave a comment.

For the Horde and the Naaru!


Honors Code said...

I started playing WoW around Feburary of 2006.

My best friend had just gotten a job a Blizzard as a GM, and received 3 free accounts. One of those he gave to me. (It was real bummer when he got canned last summer and I had to actually start paying for my WoW).

My first character was a Human Paladin on the PVE Realm of Rexxar. The Paladin has always been the class that "fit" me best. I've tried other classes (my Hunter is nearly 70), but my favorite is my Paladin.

So outside of switching from PVE to PVP and from Human to Dwarf, I still play the very same class I first rolled.

bobpally said...

I first started playing WoW because of my 13 year old(now 14yo) son. At the time I was playing mostly console games such as Xbox. He begged and pleaded with me to change some security settings to play WoW.(I had the firewall and some other security settings locked down so he couldn't do things I didn't want him to.) Anyhow, finally he convinced me and I game his PC a couple of upgrades and opened a port on the linksys router firewall. He played the game endlessly trying to get to level 60 and I just couldn't understand wanting to play a game that much. I was playing Halo2 waiting for Halo3 and I didn't even play 25% of the time he did. Plus there was the $15 a month thing that was completely foreign to me. Well, I had to try this thing out if it was taking this much of his time, plus several of the guys here at the office were playing religously so I though I'd give it a shot. I made a bloodelf mage, which is currently my main, and I've been playing every since. I play on the same server that all my friends here at work play on. He's lvl 59, mostly because I don't have the kind of time it takes to really play as much as I'd like. I also (thanks to honorshammer) started a bloodelf Paladin. I think I'm going to like the Paladin class a tremendous amount. Possibly dare I say, more than my beloved caster.....Thanks Honorshammer for helping me see the Light! (pun intended)

Asara Dragoness said...

Ah, memories *sigh*

I believe I was first exposed to Warcraft (not WoW) waaaay back in college. I had a great time with it, I thought it was hilarious that you could annoy the little people by clicking on them lots of times.. ("Join the army, they said") When WC3 came out, I was excited about elves and things, and played that for a little while. By this time I was married, and my hubby, knowing my love for WC, bought WoW for me as an early Christmas present two years ago.

I still remember sitting there in our tiny apartment, looking through the manual and deciding that having a pet I could name and would follow me around.. that would be so fun! Asara of Malfurion was born, and I've never looked back. She's lv 70 now, in a SSC/TK raiding guild (who, thanks to 2.4, just downed Rage Winterchill the other day, woot!)

Hubby finally had to get his own account and a laptop because I spent so much time playing.. he wanted to play too! We loves us some WoW at our house :)