Friday, March 21, 2008

First Raid Post

Ironically, this will be both my first raid related post as well as my last one for a while. While I know that a number of people from my guild read this blog, I'll quickly fill in those who do not know about my WoW situation yet.

Since I am studying in Tokyo, Japan for the semester, I had made a promise to myself not to play too much WoW during my study abroad. I went with no WoW for my first month abroad, and have been playing again for the past month. I will be, however, taking another hiatus for the next month-and-a-half or so. My need for a hiatus is compounded by the fact that I can only play in my dorm's common room, which has the only open internet ports, making it difficult to raid (not to mention the time difference). So anyway, I'll move on to the raid.

While the raid started Wednesday, 7:30 PM EST, I, of course, had to be up at 8:30 AM JST. And being the lazy college student I am, I signed on at 8:35 AM, just as my guild was making the first pull towards the Huntsman. To be honest, I was surprised that my guild was starting exactly on time, but it's a good sign that we're taking raiding more seriously now.

My very kind guildmaster, who happens to be our Holy Priest, stepped out so I could come in.

This made our group composition:
2x Protection Warriors
2x Holy Paladins
Resto Shaman
2x Mages (Unknown specs)
Combat Swords Rogue
Subtlety Rogue

We quickly cleared to the Huntsman and easily took him down. Then we moved on to my least favorite part of Kara, the lagfest that is the stairs leading to Moroes. While my computer isn't that bad, it can never handle the stairs where my raid pulls the aoe groups unless I point my camera at the ground so I can't see any of the mobs. Things went fairly well for the aoe pulls, since we had two Mages and a Firelock, and I don't recall any of the casters dieing, which has become somewhat of a running joke in my guild (I need to start taking notes).

Moroes was going to be an interesting fight, since we had no shackles and no Hunters. We got the Retribution Paladin, Protection Warrior, Shadow Priest, and Holy Priest as adds. With two Paladins were were able to chain fear the Shadow Priest for while until the rest of the party could burn her down. One of our rogues tanked the Protection Paladin, while the Holy Priest was taken down first (not sure what happened to the Retribution Paladin). Moroes went down on the first try and dropped these beauties, the Boots of Valiance. Since our other Holy Paladin already had them, they went to me.

The raid proceeded on to the Maiden, where we wiped two times. While it wasn't our melee's fault for the wipes, it probably didn't help that we had four people being hit with her Holy Wrath. At this point, however, our main tank had to leave for work, so our guildmaster came back in on her Holy Priest. Now, with only three melee and with four healers, we easily took the Maiden down, and I became the proud owner of the Shard of the Virtuous, one of the last big upgrades I needed from Kara.

On the way to Opera our other Holy Paladin switched to his Protection Warrior to main tank the encounter, which turned out to be the Big Bad Wolf. Though my guild has successfully taken down this boss before, we ran into a lot of trouble with people not able to run away from the wolf successfully when they became Red Riding Hood.. This led to a number of situations where we'd have the wolf down to 50% or so but were left only with healers and a tank. It was a bit frustrating, knowing that we were fully capable of taking him down, but we ran out of time since people had to get some sleep, since they had work the morning after.

Though I won't be playing WoW for about a month or two, I still intend to update the blog with articles relating to WoW news and the light theorycrafting that I've been doing so far. If there are any specific topics you'd like me to touch on, feel free to contact me about them. You can find my contact info in the sidebar, or you can leave a comment on a post.

To my guild, good luck in Kara and your advances into Gruul's and ZA. I'll be back in May to come in and get all the loot no one needs (which seems to have become my MO).

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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