Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doofy the Paladin

Thanks to The Good, The Bad and the Downright Evil for informing me of the following story. In the immortal words of Jayne Cobb (of Firefly), this story is truly, "hi-larious."

"The Great Shattered Halls Sit in of '07," found over at the Doofy the Paladin, blog is an epic and funny story detailing the lengths one player will go to in order to teach an uppity PUG some manners. Bonus points go to Doofy for having the chutzpah to name his blog Doofy the Paladin.

For the Horde and the Naaru!


Carter L. said...

Hey Naenae
love the blog, and this was a great article in particular.

Don't know if you listen to WoWchron or not, but one of the hosts put out a user submitted content blog at wowhabits.com I figured you'd be interested with all the bloggin you do :-p

Can't wait for you to start raiding with us again


thesleepinglotus said...

As a pally healer, omg can I identify with Doofy. Thanks for pointing me to that blog, and yours too - that gem list is fabulous!!!


Nilum said...

Hey MoMO
I used to listen to WoWchron, but not anymore, since I just don't have time to listen to all the podcasts I subscribe to, 18 atm, and some had to be cut. As for raiding, I'll be there this Friday for Kara. Hope to see you there.

Hey Cat
I'm glad I could help by compiling the gem list. Wowhead is a great tool, but sometimes a bit unwieldy when you want to find an upgrade or an enchant or gem. I've got a healing enchant list almost ready to go, which would finish my healing series, and then I'm planning on looking at ret gems a little. I'll probably skip tankadin gems and enchants since this is an area I'm not quite sure of. I recommend Honor's Code, a great tankadin blog that's linked in the sidebar.


doofythepaladin said...

Hey, thanks! I love getting traffic to that entry over two months after it happened. I truly will never write anything better than that.