Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't Nerf Trees or: How Blizzard Should Learn to Seperate PVE and PVP Nerfs

Blizzard is implementing what appears to be meant as a pvp nerf to resto Druids by decreasing the HoT aspect of lifebloom and increasing the healing derived from the bloom that occurs if the HoT is allowed to lapse.

The problem with this is that this change amounts to a pve nerf, since resto Druids usually don't allow the lifebloom to "bloom," and a pvp buff, since it is harder to keep a stack of lifeblooms going in an arena or BG.

As a healer (Holy Paladin), and a class that has suffered a simillar pve nerf due to changes made for pvp reasons (Affliction Warlock), I support resto Druids, and ask Blizzard to find better ways of balancing pvp. Changes that fundamentally alter the way a class or spec plays are not the way to go about balancing the arena. Not everyone in WoW is concerned solely with arena pvp. Don't forget the raiders.

For the Horde, the Naaru, and Cenarius!

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