Monday, March 3, 2008

Best Paladin Healing Gems

After having a conversation with a fellow Paladin (, I started thinking about the best gems for Holy Paladins as well as for Paladins who may be Ret or Tankadin spec, but may need to heal for some reason, such as the Maiden fight in Kara.

As every Holy Paladin knows, or should know, Holy Paladins should focus on +healing, mp5, +int, and +spell crit in our gear. Gems are, of course, no different.

For those of you who don't know, spirit, while a good stat for a Holy or Discipline spec Priest, or for a Resto spec Druid, is all but useless for a Holy Paladin, since most Paladin healing involves spamming heals at a rate at which we never benefit from spirit based mana regeneration due to the five second rule ( In addition to this, Paladin's have no talents that give us secondary benefits from spirit like Priests or Druids, who gain extra mana regeneration and bonuses to healing from spirit.

For those of you in an offspec healing situation, the gems you want should favor are +healing, mp5, and int. While +spell crit does benefit you a little, it does not provide you with the same bonuses that it does for Holy Paladins.

Though I'm linking the blue and heroic drop gems, if you don't feel the need to spend the major gold on your offspec gems, that's understandable, and the green gems are not too much of a downgrade and are much cheaper.

Also, I tend to favor hybrid gems (orange, green, purple) over the red, blue, yellow gems, since I feel that I get slightly more bang for my socket, and it makes it easier to get any decent socket bonus. Just my opinion, and I'm sure there are a bunch of theorycrafters out there who have written forums full of math on the topic.

Royal ~
+healing and mp5. Pretty self explanatory.

Luminous ~
+healing and +int. Again, Pretty self explanatory, especially if you feel you need a larger mana pool. As a bonus, we Holy Paladins love +int, since it gives us more spell crit, as well as some +dam/healing, due to our talents.
If you are an offspec healer, the Royal gems are probably better for you, since you don't get the same benefit that Holy Paladins do from +int (spell crit and some +dam/healing).

Iridescent Fire Opal
Sadly this is the only one of its kind. It's the only gem (of any quality) that has +healing and +spell crit. Only drops in heroic Ramps. As of now (patch 2.3), you can't have more than one of these equipped at a time, though with patch 2.4, you should be able to use as many as you'd like, at the cost of +int or pure mp5.
Offspec healers, this isn't the best option for you, since you don't gain the benefit that Holy Paladins do from spell crit. Save yourself the trouble of farming heroic Ramps (though you may end up farming it anyway for the easy badges). If you do end up with a few of these sitting in you bags, save them, in case you ever go Holy spec.

I'm looking to do a post on the best enchants for healing Paladins sometime in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

For the Horde and the Naaru!


Honors Code said...

I know in my tanking gear, I tend to ignore socket bonuses unless they are stamina. Do you worry about matching colors to get the socket bonus on your Holy gear? What bonuses do you go for?

Nilum said...

I'm not a hardcore theorycrafter, so I can't give anyone looking to absolutely min/max their gear the "correct" answer.
I do tend to gem my items so I do get the socket bonuses since I see the bonuses as free stats. Since I gem with mostly Royal~ (red and blue) and Luminous~ (red and yellow) and I consider the two gem types to be more or less equal for a Holy spec, it's pretty easy to go for the socket bonus.
If the socket bonus is useless for me (e.g. spirit or +spell dam), then I'll ignore it.

HolyWarrior said...

Nice post. I had decided on monday to write a post about paladin gems, seems you've saved me the bother!!