Saturday, March 8, 2008

Best Paladin Healing Gems Part 2

Well it 1:40 AM where I am (Tokyo) and I've had a bit too much caffeine. I was thinking about what I should do until I get tired, and, due to the attention some people have directed at my last healing gems guide for healing Paladins, I figured I should finish it by adding meta gems as well as red, blue, and yellow gems I did not list in my last post. So on I go.

Once again, Holy Paladins should focus on +healing, mp5, int, and +spell crit, while Paladins who are offspec healing should focus on +healing, mp5, and int for their healing gear.

I'm linking the blue quality gems, but if you don't feel the need to spend the major gold on your offspec gems the green gems are not too much of a downgrade and are much cheaper. For some reason, none of these gems have heroic drop versions like the hybrid gems in my last post, so those of you looking to deck yourself out in pure purple, you'll have to seek out a jewelcrafter or check the AH for the epic versions.

Teardrop ~
Pure +healing goodness. You can never have too much +healing.

Lustrous ~
Pure mp5. If you feel that you're running out of mana too soon, this may be the gem for you.

Solid ~
Pure stamina. I wasn't sure about including this gem in the list, since Paladins, as the most hardy of the four healing classes, don't need to worry quite as much about having a large health pool. However, if you're in a fight with a lot of environmental damage, or pvp healing a lot, this may be a good investment.

Quick ~
Pure spell haste. Don't get this gem. Just don't. Spell haste is almost completely useless for a healing Paladin, and this gem is only made worse by the fact that there are some really good gems that match yellow sockets. If you really want to speed up you Flash of Light spamming for times when the tank is taking a ton of damage, use Quartz, an add on that helps you see you lag on your castbar.
Edit: I've been reading up more on the Holy Light strategy of Paladin healing. From what I've read, spell haste is a decent stat for those Holy Paladins who chose to spam downranked Holy Light instead of Flash of Light. See Elitist Jerks' Healadin thread for more on this stat.

Gleaming ~
Pure +spell crit. Very nice for a Holy spec healing Paladin. For our offspec brothers who find themselves healing for some reason, use...

Brilliant ~
Pure int. Great gem for expanding your mana pool. If the Gleaming gems weren't so nice for Holy Paladins then this would be my favorite gem, since int grants Holy Paladins mana, some spell crit, and some +healing. As it is, Holy Paladins should probably stick to Gleaming for their yellow sockets, while offspec healing Paladins should uses this.

Now for the meta gems.

Bracing Earthstorm Diamond
+26 healing and reduces your threat by 2%. Though this gem seems great, paladins have the lowest threat generation of the four healing classes, so the threat reduction isn't that necessary for us. Don't get me wrong, the +26 healing is very nice, but this gem just doesn't stand up against the next beauty.

Insightful Earthstorm Diamond
+12 int and a chance to restore mana on spellcast. This gem is the healing Paladin meta gem. Since healing Paladins spam heals so much, either Flash of Light or downranked Holy Light, we'll see the benefit of this gem's proc more than any other healing class. Wowhead comments pin the proc rate at around 5%. This gem will help contribute to the endless mana we Paladins love. Oh, and +12 int isn't too shabby either.

So that's it for healing Paladin gems. If you feel that I've missed anything, feel free to leave and comment and I'll make any appropriate edits. Look forward to my healing Paladin enchants guide in the future.

For the Horde and the Naaru!

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