Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sexual Dimorphism in WoW


I found this article a few days ago and found it very interesting, especially since my two 70's, an Orc and a Draenei, come from two of the races that show the most pronounced differences between the two sexes, especially the Draenei. Just for the record, though I have nothing against playing a female character, I, as of now, only have male characters of any significant level.

For now I'm just putting it up for anyone to read. I'll come back to it in my next post or so.

For the Horde and the Naaru!


Honors Code said...

I've tried playing female toons. I can't get out of the starting area with them. Maybe I should try Blood Elf, you can't really tell the difference.

Nilum said...

I think that, from a male perspective, everyone has different reasons for playing or not playing female characters. I wouldn't mind playing a female character, but I just like looking at my strong, manly looking characters more. Even my Orc character, which is the ugliest thing in the game except for the troll male, is still really cool looking compared to the Orc female. I feel like I could sit down with my Orc, or Draenei, and do manly things, like grunt, or chop wood. Not to mention some of the female characters don't look intimidating at all (and I like my characters to look intimidating). Like the Blood Elf female. I can not imagine a Blood Elf female tankadin tanking a raid boss, not because its a tankadin or a female, but because it would just look silly.